Excitement is in the air as O’Reilly Barleystone gears up to make an appearance at The Hardware Show, taking place in the RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin on the 18th and 19th of February. This event is a golden opportunity for us to connect with you, share our passion for quality craftsmanship, and unveil our latest innovative products.

Why Attend?

O’Reilly Barleystone will be located at Booth C85, and we invite you to come and visit our display. The Hardware Show is a hub of innovation, bringing together industry leaders, enthusiasts, and visionaries under one roof. It’s the perfect occasion to witness first-hand the cutting-edge solutions and trends that are shaping the future of our industry.

Exclusive Invitation: Register for FREE!

Register for FREE here – https://www.thehardwareshow.ie/registration/ and secure your spot at The Hardware Show. This is your chance to explore the future of construction and landscaping, connect with industry experts, and witness the unveiling of O’Reilly Barleystone’s latest products.

Connect with O’Reilly Barleystone:

We are eager to engage with you at The Hardware Show. Whether you’re an existing customer, a potential collaborator, or simply passionate about top-tier products, our team will be on hand to answer your queries, discuss partnerships, and share insights into our innovative product lineup.

Save the date – February 18th and 19th – and make your way to Booth C85 at the RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin.

When delving into the field of property sales, aesthetics and appeal extend far beyond a dwelling’s interior. Prospective buyers examine every facet of a potential purchase, often with unexpected elements like driveways playing a critical role. The installation of a carefully designed paved driveway can remarkably enhance a property’s overall value, yet this aspect frequently remains underestimated.

Gravel to Paving

Gravel driveways, while common, come with a host of inherent challenges. These encompass not just high maintenance demands and vulnerability to weather fluctuations, but also aesthetic limitations, accumulation of debris and erosion, drainage issues, limited resale potential, weed spread, uneven surfaces, and a considerable investment of time and resources.


The true value of a residential property is tied to the prevailing neighbourhood standards. A neglected driveway in a well-kept locality inevitably drags down the perceived value of the entire property. Equally, a tastefully paved driveway in a less thoroughly maintained area can substantially elevate the perceived worth of the residence.

Investing in your Property

Opting for a paved driveway is an investment that often yields impressive returns. The Return on Investment (ROI) stemming from a well-executed paved driveway not only proves significant but can even surpass the initial expenses. The precise value boost varies, contingent on factors such as the chosen paving material, driveway width, and overall visual impact.


The selection of the driveway paving material significantly influences the visual attraction and long-term durability of the feature. Additionally, the extent of the driveway is of essence; potential homeowners often seek expansive driveways that comfortably accommodate multiple vehicles side by side.


Beyond the functional considerations, the aesthetic charm of a paved driveway utilises a significant influence. A thoughtfully designed driveway adds an air of sophistication, leaving a favourable first impression on potential buyers. This visual enhancement can lead to a heightened perceived value of the property and shift greater interest among those on the lookout for a distinctive real estate proposition.

The Right Time for Investment

For those contemplating the sale of their property in the near future, a comprehensive evaluation of the existing driveway’s state is wise. Taking proactive steps at this moment can prevent the driveway from becoming a drawback during the sales process. Investing in enhancing the property’s appeal emerges as a critical consideration.


In summary, the driveway, often an overlooked element, wields a substantial impact on a property’s ultimate value during a sale. Swapping out a gravel driveway for a uniquely designed paved one holds the potential to captivate potential buyers and yield a considerable ROI. Every detail matters, including the front pathway, in contributing to the overall property impression. Embracing this transformative journey paves, the way to a more valuable and appealing home.


Are you contemplating the perfect paving choice for your project? With the vast array of stunning options available from Barleystone, the task can seem daunting. Our aim with this blog post is to assist customers across the UK and Ireland in making informed decisions about their paving choices. Whether you’re embarking on a driveway revamp, a patio renewal, or a commercial space makeover, this comprehensive guide will enlighten your path.

The Importance of Choosing the Correct Paving

The paving you choose can dramatically impact your project’s aesthetics, durability, and maintenance. It’s more than a functional element; it’s a design feature that adds character and value to your property. The correct paving must withstand traffic, endure weather conditions, capture your personal style, and fit your budget. So, it’s paramount to choose wisely.

Understanding Different Types of Paving

Now let’s unlock the mysteries of different paving types. From old-world charm to sleek modernism, Barleystone offers a palette of options to cater to every taste and need.

Kingspave Cobble Paving

Step back in time with the Kingspave Cobble paving collection. It echoes the elegance of the bygone era with a gently distressed surface, a naturally weathered look, and an array of colours to match any setting. Its varied sizes (small, medium, and large) within each pack facilitate a unique laying design. Particularly fitting for period or country-style properties, Kingspave adds a timeless touch.

Castlepave Smooth Paving

For those seeking a contemporary edge, Castlepave Smooth Paving offers symmetry, strength, and rich colour. Its precise lines and pencil edge chamfer give a modern, elegant look. Ideal for any driveway or patio, Castlepave’s variety of colours and sizes ensures a versatile yet sleek design. For a modern minimalist home, it’s an impeccable choice.

Italian Porcelain

Originating from Italy, the Barleystone Porcelain Paving Range is a stylish, durable and easy-to-install option. Its machine-cut design allows for quick installation with tight, neat joints, and a minimum anti-slip value makes it ideal for outdoor use. With modern, clean lines typical of Italian manufacturers, this range lets homeowners extend their indoor aesthetic seamlessly to outdoor areas. The range is available in a universal size of 600mm x 600mm x 20mm.

Larchfield Standard Block Paving

Larchfield Original Paving Block brings elegance and simplicity to your paving project. The classic rectangular shape allows a variety of installation designs, while its durability makes it a long-lasting solution for heavily trafficked areas. With the opportunity to mix colours, each project becomes unique. It’s an excellent option for commercial spaces or large driveways, matching both traditional and modern aesthetics.

The Glenbridge Range

The latest addition to the Barleystone collection, the Glenbridge Range, blends functionality with beauty. Its unique textured surface offers high slip resistance, perfect for regions with heavy rainfall. Available in four contrasting, yet complementary colours, it provides a natural look reminiscent of granite, fitting for both rustic and contemporary designs.

Ashford Paving

Meet the stunning Ashford paving collection. With its distinctive wavy top texture and new colours of Autumn, Juniper, and Silver Grey, Ashford adds a unique charm to any outdoor space. Its cushion top features and rounded edges are reminiscent of traditional cobbles, making it an ideal choice for a cosy, quaint garden patio.

Granite Block Paving

For those seeking luxury and durability, Granite Block Paving is the jewel in the crown. Its natural sparkle will enhance the beauty of any space, while its robustness makes it ideal for high foot traffic areas. If you want to make a statement with your contemporary-styled home or garden, Granite is the answer.

Permeable Paving

In a world where environmental considerations are increasingly important, Barleystone’s Permeable Paving is a responsible and aesthetically pleasing option. Its design helps reduce flood and pollution risks by facilitating water flow between layers. Available in three timeless colours, it adds a touch of charm to any modern or traditional property.


Selecting the right paving for your project is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s about longevity, maintenance, and harmony with the environment. Whether you’re drawn towards the traditional charm of Kingspave or the sleek elegance of Castlepave, remember to consider your unique needs and circumstances.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

From traditional charm to modern elegance, Barleystone offers a vast range of high-quality paving solutions to match every style and need. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself!

Head over to our website and explore our stunning collections, or contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at +353 42 9675992 for personalised advice. You can also email us at info@barleystone.com. We can’t wait to help you bring your vision to life.

Whether it’s for a home project or commercial space, make your next step a Barleystone paving stone. Start your transformation today with Barleystone – where quality meets excellence.

Remember, your outdoor space is a key part of your home. Let’s make it a place to be proud of. Find your perfect paving match with Barleystone. Let’s pave the way together.


We’re proud to unveil the O’Reilly Group’s comprehensive roadmap to Net Zero by 2050!Building a Sustainable Future ORG Building a sustainable future

Read our plan below ↓

This plan is our steadfast commitment to advancing sustainability within our operations and contributing to a greener planet.

  • Afforestation: We’ve planted 15,000 trees at our Oakstown plant, setting a clear path towards creating a sustainable environment, with plans to expand afforestation to other facilities.
  • Sustainable Concrete: We’re implementing processes like carbon capture and the use of recycled water to make our concrete production even more environmentally friendly.
  • Offsite Manufacturing: Our innovative Architectural Wall Panels not only expedite the building process but also reduce on-site waste, making construction more sustainable.
  • Tech-Driven Efficiency: We’re leveraging technology like BIM and advanced software to optimise operations, reduce waste, and provide high-quality, sustainable products to our customers.
  • Renewable Energy: We’re shifting towards generating 100% of our electricity from renewable sources, kicking off with solar panel installation across all production buildings.

We’re proud to be taking significant strides towards achieving Net Zero by 2050. To read more about our commitments and plans, check out the full sustainability plan below, or if you would like a high-res copy to print or share please contact us here.

Together, we are building a sustainable future!



Selfbuild Live comes to the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena, Blanchardstown on the 5-7 May 2023, open 10am-6pm on all 3 days.

Use this link to get your Free Tickets!

Event Features
Selfbuild Live Dublin is the ultimate showcase for people who are building, extending, improving or simply decorating their home. Visitors are presented an abundance of ideas, inspiration and advice via 1-2-1 Clinics, Theatre talks and hundreds of Irish based exhibitors.


  • 120+ Local Exhibitors
  • 20+ Expert Speakers
  • Bootcamp Theatre
  • SelfBuild Theatres
  • Expert Advice
  • Modern Building Systems Area
  • Steel Suppliers


On Friday 5th August we organised an ice cream van to visit all our precast production plants and offices in Ireland. This is just a small token of appreciation we wanted to give our staff to thank them for all their hard work.

It was great to see all the smiling faces and we are glad they enjoyed it!

New O’Reilly Group Van Fleet

This year, the O’Reilly Group have upgraded our van fleet to nine new 2022 vans all provided by Western Motors Drogheda.

The new O’Reilly Group Van Fleet are driven by sales representatives and project managers across the Group who are needed for site visits on a regular basis.

Lower carbon emissions

The new O’Reilly Group van fleet allows us to keep our carbon emissions significantly lower as the new 2022 engines, featuring AdBlue, has substantially dropped the level of nitrogen oxide which are released into the atmosphere. At the O’Reilly Group, we are determined in reducing our CO2 emissions and ensuring our vehicles and machinery are kinder to the environment.

Supporting Wind Energy Development in Ireland

New O'Reilly Group Van Fleet with Windfarms in background

Also featured in the background, are just 5 of the Windfarms which we have provided our Ready-Mix Concrete and stone to including:

  • Bindoo Windfarm
  • Mountain Lodge Windfarm
  • Gartnaneane Windfarm
  • Teervurcher Windfarm
  • Raragh Windfarm.

We are also involved in the development of Taghart Windfarm which is currently under construction.

We are delighted to have been part of these projects as wind energy is a vital and clean source of energy, which again, is significantly better for our environment.

Contact our team here with enquiries regarding your project.

Watch our impacting video highlighting our commitment to Health & Safety

Introducing the newest product added to the Barleystone Paving range – ‘Heritage’ Walling

This beautiful new product is the perfect addition to any garden makeover. With a variety of uses, it is ideal for decorative walls, raised beds or informal seating. This tumbled texture walling product comes in a 3 Size Mix.

Available in two colours: Silver Grey & Juniper

Visit this page to see colours available or contact us here to get a quotation

The O’Reilly Group received the Ecocem Ireland Carbon Saving Certificate from 2021.

We are absolutely delighted to say that we have reduced our carbon output by up to 6,444 tonnes last year.

The entire Group along with our Environmental Team have worked tirelessly throughout 2021 to reduce our carbon footprint which we can say has been successfully achieved.

Being one of Ireland and the UK’s largest concrete manufacturer, it is very important that we use reduced carbon concrete in all our precast products and projects, whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Keep an eye out on our socials for more carbon saving initiatives that our Environmental Team will be implementing throughout the year. Our goal is to become a zero-carbon concrete manufacturer. Barleystone Paving and all at the O’Reilly Group look forward to seeing our carbon savings increase and our carbon footprint decrease in 2022.

Ecocem Cert Barleystone