Choosing the Right Paving for You

By installing paving blocks, your outdoor space can be completely transformed.

Of course we know that there are other installation methods but here are some benefits of paving with Barleystone Paving Blocks:

25 year guarantee – From date of purchase we guarantee the structural integrity of our paving blocks when used in residential schemes.

Paving your driveway or patio adds value to your property

Quick to install – paving an average driveway can be completed in 3 days (including preparation)

Appearance – Paving enhances the look of any property

Varity of colours, textures and finishes – Paving to complement both traditional and contemporary surroundings

Durable – Paving bricks are long lasting and extremely durable with little maintenance

Bespoke design – There are so many variations of designs and patterns in laying paving, no job is the same as another

No costly repairs – If a paving block gets damaged in any way, it’s easy to replace

Our interlocking paving blocks are sand jointed to allow flexibility, which eliminates the possibility of joints cracking.

Our paving blocks are NSAI Quality Certified – ISO 9001:2008

There are a variety of different block paving laying patterns to create a contrast of style and impressions on the landscaping design. A good paving contractor can recommend which laying pattern would best suit your installation.

Specific to the Barleystone 3 Size Mix, this laying pattern is a random stretcher bond. Each pack contains the perfect 3:2:1 ratio eliminating the need for multiple packs.

B=Big (225mm x 150mm) M=Medium (150mm x 150mm) S=Small (112.5mm x 150mm)

Download 3 Size Mix Laying Pattern PDF

Suitable for: Kingspave Cobble, Castlepave Smooth and Forestmor ranges

Specific to the Barleystone Circle Kit, it includes all the required shaped bricks to complete your circle pattern. The circle feature can be extended by using setts or more paving blocks.

Diameter: 2114mm.  Total area 3.5sqm

 Download Circle Laying Pattern PDF

Suited to driveways as the herringbone pattern promotes even load bearing and reduces the possibility of movement of the paving blocks. Herringbone 90° is more subdued in appearance and will match with pre-existing paths. It will make the area appear larger. Ideal for areas with heavy vehicle traffic but can be used for any installation

Suitable for: Larchfield and Bracklin

The side-by-side appearance can be made longer or broader depending on the direction it is laid. Ideal for making pathways appear longer or wider.

Suitable for: Larchfield, Bracklin, Granite and Kingspave Cobble Single Size

Basket weave pattern has the impression of an old English landscaping design. Ideal for someone wanting to portray an historical checkered look. Mainly used for areas with light foot traffic but can be also installed in driveways.

Suitable for: Larchfield and Bracklin

Buying & Installing Barleystone Paving

Get a quote today for your paving and find the right option for your project. Contact us for more information…